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Stevia FSE

Healthco is proud to introduce new Stevia FSE™, a GRAS natural Stevia sweetener with a clean, sweet taste that’s perfect for a variety of food and beverage applications. Stevia FSE™ is a zero-calorie sweetener with a low glycemic impact, making it an ideal sugar-substitute for consumers concerned about their blood glucose levels. As dietary intolerances become more prevalent in America and around the world, the need for a natural, healthy alternative to sugar has never been greater.

Stevia FSE™ utilizes Glucosyl Stevioside, an enzymatically-enhanced Stevia leaf (Stevia rebaudiana) extract with improved taste and sweetening properties. Our proprietary natural processing method not only improves taste and sweetness, but also helps to retain the phytochemical features of full-spectrum extractions, which differentiates Stevia FSE™ from Reb A fractions and other Stevia extracts. Stevia FSE™ is certified organic to U.S.D.A. standards by Quality Assurance International (QAI), has no bitter aftertaste, and delivers 95% glucosylated Steviosides. This high purity rating means our Stevia is 60-100 times sweeter than table sugar, which means much less is needed to sweeten many different types of foods and beverages at both the supplier and consumer levels.

Companies who manufacture and market lifestyle-specific products will find that Stevia FSE™ is ideal for meeting the needs of the most health-conscious consumer. Food-grade Stevia FSE™ is 100% vegetarian and is suitable for vegans since no animal-derived products are used at any phase of production. In addition, our proprietary enzyme-treatment process ensures that Stevia FSE™ is hypoallergenic - no yeast, dairy, egg, gluten, wheat, soy, sugar, or salt. It’s also free of artificial colors, flavors, and fragrances.

non_GMO_logo.jpgStevia FSE™ isn’t just a healthier alternative to sugar; it’s also a smart, financially-sound option for food manufacturers. It’s a highly versatile ingredient that can be marketed and sold as a stand-alone, low-carbohydrate, zero-calorie sweetener for personal use, or as a bulk sweetener for larger customers. It can be used in place of high-fructose corn syrup, a sweetener more and more consumers are looking to avoid. Stevia FSE™ is a fine, white, spray-dried, crystalline powder that blends instantly and is easily dispersed in a wide range of finished products. It doesn’t clump and remains stable even at high temperatures. Our superior quality and guaranteed purity allow for more economical use rates than competing Stevia products.


Within the USA our distributor for Stevia FSE™ is Stauber Performance Ingredients. Please contact them directly at or (714) 441-3900 / (888) 441-4233









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